Bibliography of mudlogging resources

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Formation Evaluation by E. J. Lynch, Harper & Row, 1962. Discusses the factor influencing mudlog shows and an attempt to quantify mudlogging shows

Mudlogging Handbook by Alun Whittaker.

Hydrocarbon Well Logging Recommended Practice, Second Edition, SPWLA, December, 1983.

Sample Examination Manual by R. G. Swanson, AAPG Methods in Exploration Series, No. 1, 1983.

Professional journal articles, presentations and papers

Mudlogging Method Calculated Coalbed Gas Content“ by W. S. Donovan, Oil & Gas Journal, February 14, 2000.

Liberated, Produced, Recycled or Contamination“ by R. F. Mercer, SPWLA 15th Annual Logging Symposium, June 2-5, 1974. An early recognition of the factors influencing the size of mudlog shows

Improved Methods for Sampling Gas and Drill Cuttings“ by R. D. Williams and S. P. Ewing, Jr., SPE 16759, SPE 1989 One of the best papers written on gas traps and mudlogging.

Quantifying Hydrocarbon Shows Using On-Line Gas Referencing (TM)“ by R. M. Amen, SPWLA 35th Annual Logging Symposium, June 19-22, 1994. One of the least utilized and powerful tools in mudlogging.

Evaluation of Gas-Extraction Efficiency During Mud-Logging“ by S. S. Elder, SPE Formation Evaluation, December 1988.

Advances in Cuttings Collection and Analysis“ by D. T. Georgi, et al, SPWLA 34th Annual Logging Symposium, June 13-16, 1993. Improved sample catching methodology.

A New Quantitative Technique for Surface Gas Measurement“ by A. C. Hanson, et al, SPWLA 34th Annual Logging Symposium, June 13-16, 1993. A summary of GRI’s attempt to improve gas traps.

New Gas Logging System Improves Gas Shows Analysis and Interpretation“ by L. L. De Pazzis, et al, SPE 19605.

New System Provides Continous Quantitative Analysis of Gas Concentration in the Mud During Drilling“, G. L. Roberts, et al, SPE Drilling Engineering, September, 1991.

Membrane-Based Gas Sensing for Robust Pay Identification“ by D. E. Dria, et al, SPWLA 42th Annual Logging Symposium, June 17-20, 2001.

Mechanics of Static and Dynamic Filtration in the Borehole“ by H. D. Outmans, SPE Journal, 1963. Mathematical quantification of wellbore flushing.

Mud Analysis Logging“ by B. O. Pixler, Formation Evaluation Sysposium, AIME, Houston, TX, 1960.